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Revolution in Team Games! Our fine-tuned application connects state-of-the-art technology, teamwork, light motion and tricky tasks. You will get interesting information during a nice walk. And what do you need? Just the right strategy, knowledge, wit and common sense. Each team gets their tablet, answers questions and performs tasks. During that time, team moves around the city or in the field. You can choose from our packages or have a specific route and questions / tasks tailored to your demands. Our Treasure Hunt will get you.

The obsolete methods of education have been slowly fading away. Let's try out new interactive options, how to get information and check your knowledge not only about history, science, politics, technology, architecture, but also for example in movies, PC games or serial and comic questions. Thanks to GPS technology, LTE-compliant tablets and our fine-tuned application, all this is possible. Educate yourself modernly with Add Journey!

Looking for a new kind of fun with friends, do you enjoy games on the principle of geocaching, escape games? Do you gain new information and have a competitive spirit? Try our application packed with new technologies. An outdoor game that links movement, common sense, wisdom, and your knowledge. There are a lot of themes of the trips, choose the one you enjoy most!

Have you not selected any of our packages? Are you planning a special event that requires you to adapt the journey for your event? Whether it's a theme or a venue, we will be happy to prepare for you a custom-made event! Send us your request, we'll get in touch and than we'll fine-tune the Treasure Hunt to the last detail according to your needs.

Request / Order

Order a specific game according to prepared packages, or send a request form and we will prepare the game directly for you.


On the basis of the ordered package, we will confirm the date, the venue and the total price of the event. Based on the request form, we will contact you and arrange the details of your event including the price.

Organization of the event

The organizer will carefully initiate you into the course of the game, hand over the necessary material, including tablets, and will be available to you during the whole game in case of need.

Confirmation of reservation

By booking confirmation, you are ordering the game and you will receive instructions on payment and venue and time of the event.

Evaluation and reward

Once the game time has passed, you reach the destination where you pass the material to the organizer. The organizer evaluates the game and rewards you appropriately. Individual teams compete for the best team performance of the month! Reward is a voucher to Fun Arena or premium sparkling wine Secco+.


Photos from the game can be found on our FB profil @addjourney.

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