About us

We love fun and adore experiences! We do not keep anything just to ourselves, and we like to enrich our clients with our ideas and projects. We are a team of creative, non-stereotypical, persevering and forward looking people who move their ideas from minds to reality.

We have always wanted to create a project that will include important team-based criteria (fun, action, teamwork, self-education, rivalry) while meeting the technological parameters of the 21st century.

With us it's not just about technology, you can always enjoy our personal approach and creative brand.

Add Journey is a project that was born in mind a couple of years back, but first it had to mature and gain its exact form to let it go out. It was the year 2018 and the project is done!

We believe we have succeeded. Just judge for yourself.

One thing we know for sure is - it´s only the beginning!

Our team Add Journey at your service

Bc. Tomáš Polák

Jakub Sochor

Mgr. Petra Sykáčková

AGS Trade s.r.o.

Krejnická 2021/1 Praha 4 148 00
VAT: CZ27616169
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