Who can participate?

Addjourney is an undemanding geolocation game on tablet, so anyone who knows the basic tablet control and does not mind walking can take part in the action. Packages are designed for children as well as adults.

What should I bring with me?

Comfortable walking clothes, of course for the appropriate season.

We ordered a package. Are we going on an adventure even though it will rain?

We're ready for every weather and tablets can handle it too, so it's up to you to decide.

How does one play addjourney?

The group will be divided into teams, 3-6 persons / team and each group will get a tablet with a prepared game. We will turn on the game and your task is to get to the point of interest on the map where to each point belongs a question. As soon as you get closer to the question, you have the chance to answer it, just click on the "I want the question" icon and you are in it. If you answer the question correctly, you will get a certain number of points. If wrong- you will lose your points. In addition, you heve the possibility of help. The goal of the game is to get as many points as you can by answering correctly as many questions as possible. Additionally, the app shows you the current score of all teams, giving you an overview of how you are doing in real time. Every adventure is time limited.

How long does the addjourney last?

The game mostly takes 2-3 hours. Thanks to different specifications, we can customize the game according to the client's requirements and shorten or extend the game. A half-day action is not a problem smile.

What if I wanted a different package than is in the offer?

We will be happy to create a tailored package for you, just send the specifications and at extra cost we will create a package according to your requirements.

Where else can we go on adventure?

Most packages are created on a specific location, but we can come anywhere across the Czech Republic. It always depends on specific requirements. Do not hesitate and send us your request.

Is it possible to implement addjourney in English?

Yes, sure. Our instructors speak English and the games are also in English.

What is the minimum number and what is the maximum?

The minimum number of players is 12, where 3 teams can be created. The maximum number of players is not given, we can make the game for 150 players and more smile.

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